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Count On Us to be Your Bright Source to and Through Your Financial Life



Step into the world of NorthStar Wealth Management, Inc., where our guiding light isn't for everyone, but we'd be honored to see if it illuminates your path.


We're not just another "financial advisor firm" – we're in search of clients who are seeking a firm that does it all or finds it all for them.

At NorthStar, we're boutique, we're custom, and we're deeply passionate about what we do. We thrive on building unique relationships that truly matter.


We don't have time to meet with those who aren't as serious about their wealth as we are. We're looking for those who share our philosophy of comprehensive "total wealth" advice and management.

If you've worked hard for your wealth and you're ready for the best, most efficient strategies that can take your wealth beyond conventional limits, we're here for you.


Our approach is far from one-size-fits-all – it's about crafting tailored plans that dare to explore uncharted territories, bringing your wealth to places you never thought possible.

Our commitment isn't just financial; it's personal. We want to know your family, your dreams, and the aspirations you may not even believe are possible.


With our knowledge and experience, we thrive on turning those dreams into attainable realities. When you become a part of NorthStar, you're stepping into a partnership where expertise and dedication fuel your journey.

So, as you consider embarking on this journey with NorthStar, know that our expertise is at your service. Every decision we make, every choice we guide you through, is a testament to our profound commitment to your financial well-being. We're here to build an enduring bond rooted in trust and shared aspirations.

Welcome to NorthStar Wealth Management – where your financial voyage finds its guiding light. We sincerely value your trust; your confidence in us means the world. We're eagerly looking forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and your family better.

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Your Team

"More than a team – we're a family.

Michelle Snow, Founder


In the world of finance, a guiding light emerged as NorthStar Wealth Management, Inc. Founded by Michelle Snow in 2015, NorthStar isn't just a name; it's a promise of constant guidance.

Michelle's journey began at JPMorgan Chase in 2001. Her rise was meteoric, and her passion ignited when she saw the gaps in retirement options. Fueled by determination, she founded NorthStar to focus on comprehensive wealth, tax, and estate planning.

As an Investment Adviser Representative and future CPA, Michelle lives by "It's Not About What You Make, It's About What You Keep!" Her commitment is resolute: advocating, educating, and embodying integrity as a true fiduciary.

Based in Fulshear, Texas, Michelle is not only a financial luminary but a beacon of family joy. Her four miniature shih-tzus and cherished memories illuminate her life.

NorthStar's promise goes beyond. Tirelessly working and learning, we strive to be the BEST in growing and safeguarding your wealth. We leverage every tax law, employ the finest strategies, and remind you that money fuels your life's dreams.

In Michelle's words, "Money is merely a means to achieve them."

NorthStar Wealth Management – your unwavering guide to financial brilliance. 🌟🤝💼


Vice President

Say hello to Alainna, our stellar VP and Advisor Assistant at NorthStar! With a knack for delivering top-notch customer service, she excels in calendar management and meticulous document control. Alainna has been an invaluable part of the NorthStar Wealth Management team since 2016.

Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in marketing and advertising, Alainna is a true multi-talented force. When not dedicating herself to work, she finds joy in spending quality time with her husband, actively participating in church and community programs, and indulging her love for dogs.

In her cherished moments of leisure, Alainna finds delight in running, strumming her guitar, savoring delectable chocolate, and exploring new destinations through travel. Truly, a vibrant and dynamic team member with a zest for life! 🌟💼🎸🐶🏃🍫✈️

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By Appointment Only

In person or Zoom

Phone Answering Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
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Closed All Federal Holidays (just like the stock market) 


2717 Commercial Center Blvd. Cinco Ranch

Suite E200 Katy TX 77494


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