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Welcome to NorthStar Wealth Management, Inc., where financial guidance shines with a brilliance of its own. Established by Michelle Snow in 2015, NorthStar isn't just a name; it's a guiding philosophy marked by unwavering dedication.

At NorthStar, our promise knows no bounds. We work tirelessly and learn continuously to become the epitome of excellence in nurturing and safeguarding your wealth.


We leverage every available tax law and employ the most effective strategies. Our goal is to empower your life's dreams, understanding that while money is the means, your aspirations are the true destination.

NorthStar Wealth Management – the radiant path to your financial brilliance. 

Michelle's journey commenced at JPMorgan Chase in 2001, a voyage that swiftly evolved into a remarkable ascent through the financial realm.


However, her true passion was ignited when she recognized the limited options available to affluent families. Fueled by an unyielding determination to create a difference, she founded NorthStar with a distinct emphasis on comprehensive wealth, tax, and estate planning.

As an Investment Adviser Representative and future CPA, Michelle lives by the maxim, "It's Not About What You Make, It's About What You Keep!" Her commitment radiates through her role as an advocate, educator, and guardian of integrity, all while placing the best interests of her clients front and center.

"Driven by Your Success, Anchored in Financial Expertise."

Welcome to NorthStar Wealth Management, Inc. We're not here to be everyone's advisor, but if you're considering us for your financial and estate planning needs, we genuinely appreciate your trust. Your confidence in us means the world, and we're excited about the chance to get to know you and your family better.

While we might not be the right fit for everyone, we are perfect for our clients!  We're proud to focus on those who've chosen us to manage their entire wealth portfolio. That means investments, estate planning, taxes, retirement – the works. We're committed to being the ultimate one-stop-shop that shines brightly throughout your financial journey.

Our unique approach means we no longer offer standalone products or services. Instead, we're all about building enduring relationships with our clients. When you commit to NorthStar, you're committing to a partnership fueled by expertise and dedication. We're here to guide you toward financial success, every step of the way.

So, as you step into this journey with NorthStar, know that our expertise is here to serve you. Every move, every choice reflects our deep commitment to your financial well-being. We're here to create a lasting bond based on trust and shared goals. Welcome to NorthStar Wealth Management – where your financial path finds its guiding light.

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